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    5 Web Design Trends for 2018

    Our Wagga Web Design experts tip the 5 Web Design trends for 2018. We are integrating these design trends into our new websites. This will keep you ahead of your competitors and turn more site visitors into customers.

    5. Web Animation
    Animation can play a huge part in making ideas and interfaces easier to understand,” says interactive designer Chris Gannon. Animated logos and the return of the GIF will make a big comeback in 2018. The improvement of browser over the last couple of years allows for this. Your website will become more interactive and showcase your products and services more dynamically.

    4. Dynamic Colours
    Over the past year we’ve seen an increase in the use of bold colours being used across digital platforms,”. Our designers are integrating more dynamic colours to engage your website visitors.

    3. Inventive typography 
    Typography plays a large part in all designs. As device resolutions are becoming increasingly sharper we will see more serifs used in font selections. Another type trend will see is typography cutouts. This uses a block of colour over a moving or still image that appears through clear lettering.

    2. Evolution of AI
    Artificial intelligence is no longer just in sci-fi movies. AI has already started appearing in mainstream websites such as chatbots. We can integrate chatbots into your website to enhance your site visitors experience.

    1. Making the most of Mobile
    2017 was a big year for mobile web, and 2018 is only going to escalate. The usage of mobiles overtook that of desktop browsing. Our Wagga Web Design team has developed a unique way interface. This encourages visitors to transition into more sales and booking.

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